Advisory Group

A high-level advisory group has been formed to help shape the agenda of the Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference, identify relevant participants, and structure the preparatory process. Reflecting the multistakeholder nature of this important conference, the Advisory Group is composed of members of governments, international organizations, Internet platforms, academia, civil society, and the technical community.

Anne Carblanc
Anne Carblanc OECD France Bio
Benedicto Fonseca Filho
Benedicto Fonseca Filho Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Brazil Bio
Chinmayi Arun
Chinmayi Arun National Law University Delhi India Bio
Carlos Affonso Pereira De Souza
Carlos Affonso Pereira De Souza Institute for Technology and Society Brazil Bio
David Kaye
David Kaye United Nations Special Rapporteur USA Bio
Eileen Donahoe
Eileen Donahoe Human Rights Watch USA Bio
Fiona Alexander
Fiona Alexander US Department of Commerce USA Bio
George Sadowsky
George Sadowsky ICANN USA Bio
Gulshan Rai
Gulshan Rai Indian Prime Minister’s Office India Bio
John Frank
John Frank Microsoft Belgium Bio
Madan Oberoi
Madan Oberoi Interpol Singapore Bio
Matt Perault
Matt Perault Facebook USA Bio
Megan Richards
Megan Richards European Commission Belgium Bio
Nii Quaynor
Nii Quaynor Ghana National Information Technology Agency Ghana Bio
Patrick Penninckx
Patrick Penninckx Council of Europe France Bio
Sally Shipman Wentworth
Sally Shipman Wentworth Internet Society USA Bio
Sunil Abraham
Sunil Abraham Centre for Internet and Society India Bio
Vint Cerf
Vint Cerf Google USA Bio
Members of the Advisory Group serve in their individual capacity.